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    Villa Maya


    In 1996 the Diolaiti family bought the building, which had been deserted for 25 years, wishing to bring it back to life.

    It took almost 10 years to renovate completely “La Fattoria” trying to combine the modern amenities need and the will to preserve the original features and atmosphere.


    The old cellar with its huge durmast barrels has been turned into our meeting room while the lemon-house in a nice bar for breakfast facing the garden.

    the Depandance


    A dependence with 5 rooms has been made out  of the barn where in the past wheat and grapes dried.

    Villa Maya has been renovated according to the principles of the Bioarchitecture  to make it harmonized and free from the electromagnetic and telluric pollution.

    Our guests can enjoy a refreshing sleep thanks to all the non-toxic materials chosen for the rooms walls and the slat beds with their anallergic mattresses.

    the Balcony


    The garden is highly energizing and having even a short stop there makes people feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

    Villa Maya seems to be a perfect example of the way people should live to get rid of all their daily stress.
    Seminars of Domotics, Bioarchitecture, Naturopathy and Dowsing are held, periodically, to teach all the techniques to harmonize buildings and keep a good psychological balance.



    The following services are available to make our guests' stay more comfortable:

    - buffet breakfast included in the room rate served from 7.30 to 09:30 in the Bar
    - breakfast served in the room from 8:00 to 09:30 (not included in the room rate)
    - extra linen (not included in the room rate)
    - taxi booking
    - excursions booking
    - wine and cheese tastings in our bar opening directly in the garden (only in summertime)
    - dinners for small and big groups (maximun 100 people)
    - restaurant

    Our reading room is open from 8 am to 11 pm and guests, sitting by the fireplace, can enjoy the scent of the past and the feeling time is slowing down .

    In summertime the bar offers a wide selection of drinks and wines to be dipped in the shadowy garden scattered with plenty of tables and deckchairs.

  • 30 June 2015   
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